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Hiking in Mani: the trail from Kenourgia Chora to Achillion

A beautiful hiking trail, just a breath away from Tainaron Blue, is the one that starts at the village of Kenourgia Chora and ends at Achillion.

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Kenourgia Chora is located at an altitude of 420m. Here you can visit the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary), built in 1865 and wall painted in 1876. You can also see the now ruined chapel of St. Anargyroi, with remains of frescoes.

Καινούργια Χώρα (φωτογραφία: exploring-greece.gr)

photo credit: exploring-greece.gr

The trail starts heading east and then southeast to end at the village of Achillion. As you approach the Akrotainaron area (the tip of the cape), the view is fantastic! In the east lies the gulf of Porto Kagio and in the west the gulf of Marmari, while in the background Skourka, the highest peak of Akrotainaron, is visible.

Porto Kagio - Marmari

In some areas passing may be difficult because of the dense vegetation. But this should not prevent you from enjoying it… it’s really worth it!